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Frequently Asked Questions
We provide the cheapest domain stats checking service online and the prices are listed at our Index Page

There are various plans to choose from according to your needs and budget.

We provide the most Flexible Plans among all Rank Checking Services online!
We have a solution suitable & affordable for Starters and Large Corporations alike!
Paypal is our main payment processor. You can purchase a subscription using Your Paypal balance or pay directly with your Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, E-check.

Our backup payment processor is BlueSnap through which You can pay by any major brand credit card and many more options

Well, as explained at our front page all those service like Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs are expensive, because they provide tons of detailed and valuable data for each domain and they are invaluable services to our online industry, however the vast majority of people need just few of those details. So basically you are paying big amount of money to get tons of data you don't need, but use just few metrics.

We simply took out those few important metrics everybody cares about and provide them to you at absolutely low and affordable fee! Nothing more or less...
NOPE! YOU DON'T!!! Thats why you are paying us!

You don't need anything else rather than subscribing to any of our plans!
Absolutely! You are welcome to check any kind of domains with Your account.
Nope, sorry! Unused credits from current billing period are not carried over to the new billing period!

Each billing period You start with a fresh amount of credits as per Your plan details!
Yes, for sure!

Once You are at the billing page with all plans listed, simply click the Pay Once button instead the Subscribe one to pay just for 1 month usage of our service. You will not be auto rebilled!
You may Upgrade/Downgrade Your account anytime You wish

When Upgrading the system will charge you for a month ahead on the new plan, minus the price of any unused remaining days from the old plan. Basically You are paying the prorated difference only!

When Downgrading the system will not charge You anything, however will not refund You anything as well! That's why it is best for you to downgrade as close to your account expiry/renewal date as possible!